Algotica is an educational adventure-puzzle game about programming, along with a story that breaks the fourth wall. This isn't a boring educational attempt at a game that might intend on entertaining only little kids. Instead , Algotica has a deep story, unique gameplay, gorgeous art style, custom atmospheric music OST and so much more, all made by me with all my love and effort. I am the only developer, only artist, only 3D modeler and even the composer of several of the tracks of this game. Moreover, this game was my graduating thesis in university (the theme of my thesis was "use of gamification in learning programming").
You can download demo of the game for different OS here. . No installation is required. Just unpack it and launch "Algotica.exe".

Want to learn more?

I don't have a standalone blog for developing process of the game. All news you can find from my twitter and instagram account(links above). On this page I will be updating how many percents of the game have been made to this very moment.

Game development progress: 60%


The first trailer of the game